I develop many opensource tools on Github—primarily JavaScript modules. Modules are focused libraries—they're designed to have one purpose and serve it well. I release each one as a package maintained on Github to make it easy to consume, document, test, and maintain. I dig through code to learn how it works. I constantly consider how to make code more practical, efficient, and expressive.

JavaScript projects

  • actual - @media breakpoints
  • cargo - web storage API
  • ux - website user preference API
  • fm - JavaScript function modulation
  • cueing - cue, seek, or cycle items
  • energy - simple cross-platform event emitter
  • cxn - network connection JavaScript module
  • lap - JavaScript performance testing utils
  • elo - JavaScript events module
  • aok - JavaScript test suite API
  • verge - viewport measurement utilities
  • skate - JavaScript app state manager
  • tunes - HTML5 audio and video playlists
  • plays - HTML5 audio and video filetypes
  • mark - unobtrusive object tracking system
  • scan - querySelectorAll selector engine
  • vibe - classList JavaScript module
  • annex - DOM insertion module

PHP projects

  • action - extensible WordPress theme
  • slash - URI and path utilities
  • traits - Opensource PHP traits
  • phat - HTML formatting utilities
  • chromosome - JSON template engine
  • access - WordPress plugin
  • insert - WordPress plugin




I release all my projects free and opensource because I believe in an open web. Feel free to tip me to show your support =)