I'm available for digital mastering work on a project or per-song basis in all modern genres—especially indie rock, punk rock, big beat, and alternative dance. I'm a self-trained audio engineer who has learned DIY post-production techniques since 2003. Hit me up @ryanve.

Mastering Approach

Mastering ensures that songs meet modern audio standards: balanced frequency response, proper volume levels, and dynamics. Production is critical for competing in today's saturated music industry. A perfect master sounds natural—not over-produced. Well-mastered tracks stand the test of time.

Mastering Process

  • Upload: I'll send you a link to upload your un-mastered audio file (.wav or .aif).
  • Analysis: Mixes undergo a comprehensive analysis and metering.
  • Equilzation: Applied to obtain proper frequency balance. Noise reduction is applied if needed.
  • Dynamics: Compression/limiting is applied to optimize sound and balance levels w/ commercial cd's. Tracks are cross-checked side-by-side during mastering to ensure consistent sound.
  • Fades/spreads: Track spacing, fade-in's, and fade-out's are performed.
  • Client Review: Mastered audio is now ready for client approval. I'll send standard-res mp3 files for you to review. Revisions are made until you're 100% satisfied.
  • Payment/Digital Delivery: Album tracks (.wav) delivered via web.
  • MP3 Encoding - Optional: Hi-res mp3's delivered via web.
  • Master CD - Optional: CD image created. If CD-Text is requested then track titles and ISRC/UPC/EAN information is added to the CD subcodes. A hard copy of the master CD is mailed.

Mastering Rates

  • Mastering: $100 per song
  • Digital .wav delivery via web: Free
  • Lifetime audio backup: Free
  • Optional: Hi-res MP3 encoding: Free
  • Optional: Master CD image file delivered via web: $100
  • Optional: Master CD hard copy delivered via mail: $100

Mix Preparation

Overall compression and volume are best applied by the mastering engineer. Do not apply compression over your final mixdown. Do not over-boost your mix volume. Leave headroom.


  • Peak mix level is ideal from -3db to -6db.
  • RMS (average) mix level is ideal from -10db to -20db.


  • Fades and heads-tails edits are better done during mastering.
  • Export mixes at the bit rate they're recorded in. (i.e. If 24-bit, export to 24-bit, etc.)
  • Preferred format is .wav or .aif.

Mastering Gear

I master in WaveLab with Powercore platform and its high-end DSP's including the System 6000 Algorithms. Most of my experience has been in alternative and indie rock but I'm able to master music in all modern genres.